What is www.nexpoint-global.com?

www.nexpoint-global.com is founded by a team of professional Forex & Crypto traders who know exactly what it takes to earn the most from capital market. Our company provides a full investment service focused on the Forex and cryptocurrency trading market. Each trader in our group has more than 7 years of trading experience and successful trading records, as we know that is the exact point that support our company stability and profitability.

Is www.nexpoint-global.com officially registered?

Yes. www.nexpoint-global.com is a legal investment company incorporated and headquartered in UK. Company

Who can create an account with www.nexpoint-global.com?

Any individual or legitimate entity can avail our services. However, you need to be of legal age in your jurisdiction in order to create an account with us.

How do I create my account with www.nexpoint-global.com?

Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete. Simply click "Register" button on the top right of our website and fill in all the required fields.

Can I have more than one account with you?

No, you can't have more than one account per user unless you were given a special admin permission to have more. If you are caught by having more than 1 account without our permission, you are risking all your accounts and funds being suspended.

What do I need to start investing with www.nexpoint-global.com?

First of all, you need to register a new account, select an investment plan and make a deposit of at least $50 through the popular payment systems Bitcoin.

How many times can a user make deposits into their account?

A user can make deposits in his or her account as and when they want. There is no limitation on the number of deposits that a user can make into their account.

What payment methods can I use to make a deposit?

For now we accept only Bitcoin and we plan to extend the list of the accepted payment methods soon.

What is the Minimum / Maximum amount allowed to deposit?

The minimum amount of investment is only $50. The maximum amount depends on the investment plan. Each investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.

Can I make reinvestments?

Yes, you can reinvest. However, we do not allow compounding of investments from your account balance.

Do I get my investment principal back?


What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $5

Are there any fees to withdraw my funds?

There are no any hidden fees to withdraw your funds.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, you will get 3 levels referral commission 5% - 3% - 1% if your downlines make a deposit.

Can I receive a referral commission without making a deposit?

No, you cannot get a referral commission without making a personal deposit.

How can I get "Representative" status in order to increase my referral rewards?

First, you need to make at least $1000 deposit. Then you will need to contact us in order to get an increased affiliate status for your account.